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10 June 2008 @ 08:24 pm
Interviews and Cracktastic TV  
Long day. Loooong day. Not because it was bad, but because once again I have very little to do. That's how it seems to work in my current job - I have nothing to do or it's utter, utter chaos. Still, I'm off tomorrow to attend a job interview. Ironically, applying for the job took me all of an hour, most of that writing a covering e-mail and then attaching my CV, whereas the ones I take actually time over don't get me anywhere. The job itself isn't a dream job. Its main appeal lies in the fact that it pays a little bit more and it's not where I am now. Hopefully, it would be less of a commute, although I think there's only about 15 minutes in it. I think if I got it I'd be tempted to take it for those three points, especially if you chuck in my fear of getting stuck in a rut. If nothing else, my interview is at 9:45 which means that it's over and done with early and I can have the rest of the day to myself. Hurrah.

Watched some of the 'Primeval' marathon over the weekend. It's...fairly crap isn't it? And yet also completely addictive and cracktastic. You are reading the blog of someone who has a deep and abiding love of 'Robin Hood'. Throw some Arab-Lady-Ninja-Assasins in there and you win my loyalty forever, ITV3!

Tonight, I'm going to finish the dishes, chill out and watch up some TV. Then I'm going to try and get some sleep. I had some weird dreams about job interviews last night and kept waking up, convinced that my interview was today. 

Current Mood: tiredtired