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05 February 2008 @ 09:15 pm
Happy (belated) Birthday astarael23!
Forward to me by cybersyd:



I love Robin Hood! Especially when there's whumping involved. 

Ran into someone from my old secondary school on the train last night. This has led me to conclude that:

1) I still have a bit of a high-school mindset, in that I find it weird that I can have a pleasant conversation with people who were further up the school clique system than me.
2) I don't need Facebook. Apparently, I can just rely on the Greater Manchester public transport system to catch up with people. 
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16 September 2007 @ 08:30 am
A very happy birthday to clytemenstraand justtracy!!
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03 September 2007 @ 07:57 pm
Happy (belated) birthday, enchilladas!!
14 August 2007 @ 07:13 pm
Shamelessly nicked from astarael23

Are you careful with the spines? Or do you crack your books open to make them lay flat?

I'm not all that careful with books. Unless it's shiny, sturdy looking hardback then I'll generally pull them open pretty wide. I don't know about cracking the spine, but the spine does tend to get all wrinkled. I actually prefer books that look worn and used/

Do you use bookmarks? Or do you dog-ear the corners? If you do use bookmarks, do you use those fashionable metal ones? Or paper?

I have a postcard in one of the books I'm reading, but I always forget to put it in the right place. I don't dog-ear pages for fear that the edges will fall off. Generally speaking, I just try to remember the page number or have a general idea of where I'm up to.

Do you write in your books? Ever? If you do, do you make smallmarks, or write in as much blank space as you can find? Pen or pencil?Highlighter? Your name on the front page?

Not really. I treat textbooks like they're sacred, even if they're mine. I think it's some kind of throwback to school - it's probably the same reason I still feel naughty flipping to the 'answers' sections.

Do you toss your books on the floor? Into book bags? Or do you treat them tenderly, with respect?

I'm pretty clumsy, so sadly, my books come off pretty badly. I'm also pretty untidy, so they end up here, there and everywhere.

Do you ever lay your book face-down, to save your place?

Sure. Though I do most of my reading on the way to and from work, so that isn't really practical :)

Um--water? Do you bathe with your books? Hold them with wet hands? Read out in the rain? Anything of that sort?

I just read a bit of my current book walking home in the rain - but I was only spitting. I enjoy reading in the baths. I'm not sure the books do though. They get a bit soggy.

Are your books lined up on a bookshelf? Or crammed in any which way? Stacked on the floor?

All of the above.

Do you make a distinction--as regards book care--between hardcovers and paperbacks?

I tend to treat hardbacks with more respect. I don't know. I think they look more expensive.
08 July 2007 @ 12:45 pm
No, I do not want to join Facebook. Naff off.
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05 January 2007 @ 12:29 pm
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07 December 2006 @ 12:06 pm
Can I go home now, please?
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03 December 2006 @ 07:36 pm
Want. This.